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Review of IBM Lenovo X41 tablet PC

I been using my tablet PC laptop – IBM Lenovo X41 – for a couple of months now and though I should write a review on it. I believe the X61 sports a similar design except with a faster dual core processor.


  • Weighing around 1.6kg, it is classified as an ultraportable and it certainly feels that way.
  • The ink and pen experience is fantastic. I am not too worried about scratching the screen now.
  • Good build design and solid feel. The swivel hinge is solid even when using it on a moving vehicle. The extra girth is good for gripping in tablet mode.
  • Full sized keyboard and very responsive.
  • Built-in utilities software for backing up, restoring etc. I haven’t used it much but many do compliment IBM on this.
  • (minor) Does not run too hot which is nice especially when using it in tablet mode.
  • (minor) The microphone is of a decent quality and works well (except in tablet mode where the lid covers the mic)


  • No mousepad! Why? Can anyone explain to me why IBM / Lenovo abandoned the track pad in favour of only the track point (aka the “nipple”), and thus alienating a large number of laptop users?
  • When the laptop is under heavy use, the cursor randomly jumps about.
  • The speakers are placed at the bottom of the laptop. Solution: place the laptop on top of a book or something hard, so that the sound is projected better.
  • No integrated webcam. OK, I can understand my refurbished X41 was released in 2005 when integrated webcam were not standard. However, Lenovo could have upgraded this feature in the X61 which was released in 2007.
  • No in-built optical CD or DVD drive. Not a big deal if you are willing to work from the USB or network drives.
  • Hard disk clicking problem – this is a well known issue with the X series.
  • (minor) The keyboard layout is such that the bottom left most key is function (FN) key instead of Control (CTRL) key and there is no Windows key. Solution: There are softwares to remap the keyboard.

Verdict: If Lenovo integrates a track pad (with or without the track point), a webcam, improves the keyboard layout deficiences and perhaps an integrated DVD burner in the next version of their tablet PC, then I will be placing an order when it comes out.