Laptop stands

Ever since I saw my friend’s laptop stand (Ergo-Q by Bakker Elkhuizen), I have become convinced that one is needed to alleviate my neck and shoulder ache problems, which is probably due to me constantly hunching over the laptop.

Problem is that there are simply too many options available. So I decided to list down the features I needed in order of importance:

  1. Usability – should raise laptop to at least my eye height
  2. Portable – light weight and slim to fit in my laptop bag
  3. Design – material that helps my laptop to cool faster
  4. Stability – must withstand my occasional bumps and accidents
  5. Price

I was lucky to come across Laptop Stands UK website which displays the pictures, specification and price of many laptop stand products (but strangely not those by Bakker Elkhuizen). Along with this website and googling, I narrowed down to the following models that met my criteria

  • Logitech Alto has a very nice integrated keyboard, stand and USB hub. There is also no indication as to the maximum tilting angle for the laptop stand and if it will allow variable height settings. The combined keyboard and stand appears to be useful but I am not sure if the laptop would wobble as I type on the keyboard due to the integrated nature of this product.
  • The Cool Laptop Stand which I later discarded as I was unsure if it allowed me to vary the height of the laptop and I was not sure on the stability issue. Plus it looked like something I could build myself.
  • U Top which is the cheapest of the aluminium fold-away stands
  • Lapjack which has a nice integrated document holder

For the more adventures DIY person, you might want to try building your own laptop stand but perhaps with different material that might better conduct heat.

PS: I ended buying the Ergo-Q for about half the retail price from ebay. I been using it for the last 6 months (yes, this this post was drafted more than 6 months ago) and extremely happy with it as it has significantly reduced my neck, shoulder and back pains from using the laptop. I would happily recommend this product to anyone without hesitation.


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