Olympic 2012 logo – the worst ever

London Olympics 2012I meant to blog about this when I first saw it but the shock of it was too much. Here is the result of what £400,000 and many years of planning has produced. Weep and cry at this stupidity!

My first reaction was what the heck is this horrible shocking pink grafiti is. Then a friend pointed out that it resembles Lisa Simpson performing oral sex. To add insult to the injury, the logo which will be used for olympics and paralympics, was feared to cause epilepsy episodes. A blogger has even compared it to several other poorly drawn olympic logos but the London 2012 is the worst by far!

I don’t really understand how they could have gone from the very decent and appealing logo used in the Olympic bid to this piece of garbage.

BBC news online has been accepting submissions for alternative Olympic logo proposal and here are some. Given that these were probably done by non-professional designers in a short space of time, they are vastly superior to the official one.


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