Silver Surfer – a cartoon that respects its audience!

The Silver Surfer Two of my favourity childhood animated TV series are Dungeons & Dragons and the X-men. They had some resemblance of a plot, good animation, action and most importantly they did not insult the audience with predictable plot, annoying characters and repetitious dialogue. This was one of the reasons I started watching more and more serious anime.

So I was very happy to re-discover a third cartoon that meets these standards and not fall in the anime category – Silver Surfer). I previously watched some random episodes in my childhood and thus was never able to fully appreciated the underlying story line.

Not only is the story continous and the animation excellent, I also like the fact that the Silver Surfer’s thoughts are explicityly expressed as well as the narrative at the beginning of every episode. All in all, it makes it for an captivating viewing.

I was very dissapointed to find out that Marvel decided not to produce the second season due to financial problems despite the successful ratings and the scripts were already written. I hope with the second Fantastic Four movie, there will be some revival in this direction.


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