Bleach updated!

Just caught up with all 104 episodes of Bleach in the last week. Quite repetitious and predictable. Basically, the good guys get their asses kicked very badly and then find the resolve at the last minute to overcome the baddies. Oh, and I hate the long flashback and overly long fight scenes. Would recommend more character and plot development.

I have been pondering over the following points. Wonder if anyone has any insights into them.

a) Why “Bleach” ? Besides Ichigo, who may have bleached his har to orange (is that how it works?), I cannot think of any other reference to the Word Bleach.

b) Why do Shinigamis, who are essentially spirits, are unable to walk through tangible material such as walls when they can defy other physical laws such as gravity?

c) Why is there a poor quater (i.e. Rukongai) in the Soul Society? Why is there povery, hunger and greed in a spirit world?

d) Why do Shinigami’s in the real world communicate to Soul Society through cellphones?

e) How did Ichnose get into the Seiterei without one of 4 gate guardian’s approval? And how do Shinigami’s generally more in and out of Seiterei and Rukongai?

Montage of Bleach screenshots


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